Progress on the rear extension in Earlsfield

Our clients have moved back in after nearly 3 months of work on their house. The template for the kitchen worktop is being done¬†today and the patio to the rear of the house in the new garden¬†is nearly complete. Carpets […]

New kitchen project in Hammersmith

This is a small kitchen project which we have just started in Hammersmith. Have a look at the progress photos below for interest…

Rear extension project in Earlsfield

On 25th August, 2016, we started a large rear extension project in Earlsfield. We are knocking down some outbuildings and making the kitchen into an open area for living and adding a bathroom and a bedroom on the first floor. […]

Building concrete steps down from the street level to a new front door

This was part of a much larger job in Brixton where the client moved his front door to be on the lower ground floor. He wanted to tidy this area below up and for us to build a new set […]